Sky Blue Bow Tie Freckled Jesus


Backstory: this is the imaginary friend of one of my Sims. It was my first time playing Generations, so I’m not sure if this was supposed to happen, but the imaginary friend went from a teenage toy to a human young adult… WITHOUT me making the wish to do so.

This chick trolls her poor ‘friend’ to no end. Apparently she grew up with the “mean-spirited” trait and loves arguing for no reason. Their relationship got so low at one point I thought the imaginary friend had simply disappeared out of her life, but I saw her silly-walking through town once; apparently she had been stride-stalking my Sim everywhere, spending hours traveling across town to her job and standing outside of houses that my sim visited.

It’s gotten so bad that the imaginary friend actually TELEPORTED herself into my sim’s locked bedroom to harass her while she tried to sleep. Even when I delete her via cheats, SHE COMES BACK.

She is the imaginary friend from hell (it’s a shame, too. Her face is pretty cute when she isn’t being a creeper.)

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